Vehicle Impound

Solutions for Private Property Vehicle Issues

Serenity Towing will take care of the removal process, start to finish, complying with all state and local regulations, and keeping your parking area open and available to your customers.

If you have a vehicle parked on your property that you want to impound, there are a few things you need to do.

Serenity Towing will come to your property and check for compliance with state laws, free of charge.

– Apartment Complexes

– Property Management Companies

– H.O.A. Associations

– Commercial Property

– Retail Property

Why Choose Serenity Towing?

  • Serenity Towing will NEVER charge the property owner for vehicle removal. (Vehicle will always be towed at vehicle owner's expense)
  • Serenity Towing will provide and install State and Local law-compliant signage at your property at no charge.
  • If you contract with Serenity Towing, all regular towing services are half-price to you and your employees. Example: Your cashier locks their keys in their car at your store and you are contracted with Serenity Towing for your impounds, we will provide lockout service to that employee for 50% off our regular prices.
  • Quick removal with compassion (We will make sure your property is free of obstructing vehicles while compassionately dealing with the vehicle owner).
  • We are the only towing company in the Coachella Valley that does vehicle Impounds and is rated 5 Stars on Google.

You can reduce or eliminate many of these common parking problems by using Private Property Impound with Serenity Towing Services. We also offer additional services and benefits, such as:

  • Consultation about a property to ensure that it satisfies state legislation
  • Our company offers tow-away signs that are specifically customized to fit the parking regulations for your property. Before a car can be towed from private property, the property owner must post a visible sign (at least 17"x22" with 1" letters) saying that parking is prohibited and that vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense. CVC § 22658(a)(1)
  • Customer service-oriented Professional drivers: Customer care professionals
  • Insurance certificate
  • Your staff and/or residents get exclusive discounts on service calls, including jumpstarts, tire changes, lock-outs, and towing to their preferred repair facility.
  • We have two locations in the Coachella Valley so that you can easily retrieve your towed vehicle.

Serenity Towing can help property owners, security firms, and management companies create a private property impound account. Our impound services are designed to be quick and easy solutions to your parking problems. We offer a wide variety of complimentary services, so you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

  • Any vehicles parked in a space not designated for them
  • Vehicles that cannot be operated or have been abandoned
  • Vehicles that are no longer wanted for commercial or recreational purposes.
  • Cars parked in handicap spots without the correct placard.
  • Any vehicles double-parked, blocking garages and dumpsters, or parking illegally in tandem
  • People who park in fire lane/red zone areas

Serenity Towing offers private property impound service accounts for property owners who need to have vehicles removed for any reason.

We offer various benefits for our clients in many ways do be sure to call us today on 308-999-TOWS to get your account set up.

What our happy customers are saying...

Cody came to my rescue promptly at 1AM & in bad weather conditions. He was friendly, professional, & kept me updated prior to towing & after. Also, the ETA was accurate! I will certainly use their service again. Keep up the good work 👍

Ruth Macharia

We didn't have to wait 3 hours he was very polite he even checked our battery I recommend using Serenity Towing if ur ever stranded.


Vina Gerritson

We had some heavy screen printing and embroidery equipment we needed to move to a new location and Cody made everything go very smoothly. He came early, overly prepared and eager to help in any way he could. If you find yourself in a pinch, call Serenity Towing!


Glen Coy

Called Cody for a local tow from my house to a shop here in town. He was very responsive, very reasonable and right on time. I would definitely recommend using Serenity Towing for any kind of towing needs.


Robert Ortiz

Thanks, Cody, for being so helpful and responsive. The information you shared was very helpful when I got to the dealership for service. And your response time was amazing! You took all of the stress out of a potentially disastrous morning. Thank you!


Karen Cooper

Driver, Cody, arrived timely, was knowledgeable and professional, performed the service quickly and we were on our way. I will surely recommend him to our friends.



Mari Parsons

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